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Course Maps 2014 Version

SHMR 2014 course map










SHMR 2014 detail map

















Streamwater, Sap, and Kasie had a run-off on the race course today…

Kasie test ran the course today and encountered a little bit of everything.  The streamwater challenged Kasie and the maple sap to a run-off.  The sap relied on its zen-like state of “flow” to gain an advantage.  The streamwater was disqualified for cutting the course.  Kasie ruled the uphills, although she was a bit wary as she crested Adirondack view and saw that Josh Ferenc had been there first and marked his territory as King of the Mountain.

KOM marks terriority









Here’s the blow by blow:

The starting line is looking less like a ski trail.  It is wet, muddy, and rutted out by an errant truck.  Mud is surfacing nicely.

Mud is surfacing nicely.  The starting line is looking less like a ski trail.  It is muddy, wet, and rutted out by an errant truck.


First turn onto Butternut Cabin Trail

First turn up Butternut Cabin trail.  The frost is still very much heaving so while it looks benign, if you don’t stay to the side you might lose a shoe, or foot, or leg.  That should settle down by race day though.  :)


High Point/KOM

The high point of the 1st and 2nd loops.  Looking good at the KOM preme spot.

Entering ascent to King of the Mountain summit

Revisiting spot where there was 36″ of snow. Now just leaves.


Saving it's mud for later.

Mud corner saving it’s mud for later. That hideous spot that you get to go through twice reveals why it is always so muddy.  It’s the last hold-out for ice melt, and is very popular with the streams.

Stream goes for a test run.

Stream goes for a test run.


Some parts of the course are looking good!

All clear on the 2nd loop single track. Some parts of the course are looking good!


Bottom of first descent

The base of the first descent still calls for Katoolahs or ice skates of some variety.


View from Liberty Meadow, heading to 2nd ascent

View from Liberty Meadow heading to 2nd ascent.

Running Sap along the course

Sap lines running along the course.


Standing water on 2nd ascent

2nd climb is wet as usual.

Not actually that bad.  Mud didn't get to far up my leg.

Not actually that bad. Mud didn’t get too far up my leg.


Mossy stretch on 3rd loop

The 3rd loop in all its mossy, single-track glory.

Heading into 3rd loop

Entering the 3rd loop.


3rd loop is in good shape

View from the final descent down Ridge Road.  The 3rd loops is completely clear of ice and snow now.


Finish line area is currently a vernal pool :)

The finish line is looking more like a vernal pool.  Ribbet Ribbet.


With this much change in the past week, can’t wait to see what course conditions will be in another week’s time!

Who are the 74 racers pre registered?

Are you wondering who is registered?  As of 5:19pm on April 7 there are 74 racers registered! Click here to look at list and check out if your running friend or competition is registered.

Current trail conditions are still a bit white, but melting fast!!!

Course conditions 4/7/14 at Start Line.

Course conditions 4/7/14 at Start Line.

Course conditions 4/7/14 in Molly's Meadow at Finish Line.

Course conditions 4/7/14 in Molly’s Meadow at Finish Line.

Course conditions 4/7/14 heading up into Molly's Meadow & Finish Line for the final time.

Course conditions 4/7/14 heading up into Molly’s Meadow & Finish Line for the final time.

Registration & Trail Conditions!

It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for.  Register now for the 3rd Edition of the Sleepy Hollow Mountain Race.  Sign up and start training now if you want to earn your Running Saps maple syrup and Liz’s lemon cakes!

Current trail conditions are buried under 15 inches of snow.  At least the mud is frozen solid.

Update: Snow depth is now 33 inches after an additional 18 inches of snow came down in last week’s storm (3/17/14).  The sign in the pic below is no longer visible.  Don’t worry, we have lots of time for the snow to melt before race day.  If only the temps would go up a bit…

Current trail conditions. 3/10/14

Current trail conditions. 3/10/14

Save the Date May 4th 2014

The 3rd Annual Sleepy Hollow Mountain Race will be held on May 4th.  

Race start time has been moved to high noon.  

We are again proud to kick off the USATF-NE Mountain Goat Series.

Registration will open March 1st.


Co-race director Liz got married and Kasie got to sit at the Sleepy Hollow Mtn Race table!



Results are posted!

Thanks for coming to the 2nd Annual Sleepy Hollow Mountain Race/USATF-NE Mtn Running Championship!

A special thanks to our partners & sponsors & our amazing volunteers! We could not do this without them.

Sleepy HollowGreen Mountain Athletic AssociationSalomonSuuntoRunning Saps Mapleworks, Lizard Design Lemon Bread, Seventh GenerationHammer Nutrition

The results are on the results page!  We have also posted all the age category winners and the winners of our KOM|QOM and Muddiest Awards.

It may take a few days for photos to be posted online, but Scott Mason plans to share them at   If you took photos today and want to share them, just send us the link.

Photos by Gianina Lindsey, Team acidotic RACING, are posted on the team FB page.

Photos and race report posted by Far North endurance and adventure.


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