2019 Registration is Open!

Registration is now open for the 2019 Sleepy Hollow Mountain Race! 

Register here

Race Date: Saturday, April 20, 2019 at noon

Online Pre-Registration price: $20, open through April 12th or until we reach max of 250

Day Of or Waitlist Registration price: $30 (see details below)

Field Limit: 250 racers

A heads up that registration did fill up early, on April 1st, last year. Don’t procrastinate, especially if you are planning on completing the whole USATF-NE Mountain Running Series or have a streak going.

To try to maximize participation, we have put in place a bib transfers system this year. You can find information on that below and on the registration page at sleepyhollowmtnrace.com.

Bib Transfer Details

Want to race, but missed regular registration?

Once we reach 250 registered runners we will close online registration and post a link for our waiting list. If you would like to get onto the waitlist follow the link and fill out the form. The waitlist will be first come first served. Waitlist sign-up will remain open through 10:01pm on Friday, April 12th, 2019. Registration price via the waitlist is $30. You will only be charged if accepted into the race. We will notify you via email if a space in the race opens up. The email will contain a registration link. Please register within 24 hours using the link to claim your spot or your spot will go to the next person on the waitlist.

Registered, but can’t race?

This year we are setting up a system to allow for bib transfers. If you have registered, but are not able to race please email us (sleepyhollowmtnrace@gmail.com)  as soon as possible and the transfer deadline is April 12th, 10:01pm. We will issue a full refund and open your spot up to someone on the waitlist. Refunds will be issued via PayPal. This may take a few days to process, please have patience. If you have not received your refund after two weeks of patiently waiting, then send us an email and we’ll gladly sort it out for you.

Reflections – 2018 Race Report

To get you in the mood for this year’s race as we ready for registration to open (on January 15th!), we thought it would be fun to repost the Race Report from the May/June 2018 edition of New England Runner a fantastic local running magazine that you should all subscribe to if you don’t already. 

Muddy Mayhem on The Dark Side

The first entry in this year’s USATF-NE Mtn. Running Series was a muddy slogfest courtesy of mud season still being underway in Huntington for the 7th annual Sleepy Hollow Mountain 6.4M “Dark Side” race on April 29. It also rained previous to the event to notch up difficulty and slow times. The Darth Vader inspired Dark Side (approximate) 6.4-miler originated in 2016 after the original (approximate) 6.2-mile course was utilized from 2012-2015.

Despite course conditions, over 200 trail zealots drove their vehicles onto the muddy parking lot of the Sleepy Hollow Ski & Bike Center, ready for off-road adventure. The Green Mtn. AA’s Kasie Enman and Liz Hollenbach head up the show. Kasie and husband Eli have a house on the Sleepy Hollow property, along with a sugarhouse where they’ve been making pure organic maple syrup since 2009.

There’s an award for the first male and female to summit the first climb at Adirondack View, and you’ve got to figure it wasn’t Enman’s Running Saps maple syrup as Eli Enman was dueling with GMAA teammate Peter Gurney for “King of the Mountain” honors. Behind the duo, three-time Mt. Washington winner Eric Blake of W. Hartford, CT and 2017 USATF Trail champion Brandon Newbould of Nottingham, NH bided their time.

Gurney would clinch the prime before placing 6th in 50:22 and passed by Enman, who would finish 4th in 47:56. After churning through deep and squishy mud (in spots) on the initial climb, Newbould and Blake took the lead. Midway through the race, Blake was right on Newbould’s heels, those heels encased in loaner shoes from Salomon as Newbould forgot to bring any form of running shoes. He didn’t however, forget how to run treacherous downhills at a rapid clip and that won it for him in 45:43 to Blake’s 46:37. Alstead, NH’s Kurt Hackler arrived third and as top M40 in 47:14 followed by Enman and top M50 Tim Van Orden of the Central Mass Striders in 49:30.

As an indication of the impediment to times ‘mud season’ presented, Newbould was over four minutes slower than his course record run a year earlier. Defending women’s champion and course record holder, Leslie O’Dell, would run almost five minutes slower in placing second at 57:34. While O’Dell was also hampered by an injury (and would be forced to dnf 10-miles into the Vermont City Marathon) 100% healthy wouldn’t have been enough to hold off Kassandra Marin. The Acidotic runner from Merrimack, NH handled the terrain like a Jeep Wrangler with spiked tires.

Marin would place 10th overall in 51:24 to topple O’Dell’s 52:40 CR from the previous year. Riding roughshod in the U-20 category and placing 3-4 in the Open category were the Reiders sisters—Hannah and Madeline of Wellesley, MA—both timed in 59:08. Endurance 603 runner Sarah Canney rounded out the top-5.

Following a change into dry clothes, the awards ceremony took place at the pavilion with cash to the top Open runners, Running Saps maple syrup, homemade jams and other delicacies to age-groupers, and perhaps the hit of post-race festivities—the burrito bar.

7th Annual Sleepy Hollow Mountain 6.4M/USATF-NE Mtn. Running Series Race No. 1,  Huntington, April 29

213 Finishers (121 Men, 92 Women) – Timing by Tremblebach Timing – Original Course Records (approx. 6.2) Josh Ferenc, 38:17, 2013; Kasie Enman, 46:44, 2014. ‘Dark Side’ Records (approx. 6.4) Brandon Newbould, 41:39, 2017; Leslie O’Dell, 52:40, 2017

Men (Overall): 1. Brandon Newbould, NH, 45:43; 2. Eric Blake, CT, 46:37; 3. Kurt Hackler, NH, 47:14; 4. Eli Enman, 47:56; 5. Tim Van Orden, 49:30; 6. Peter Gurney, 50:22; 7. Steve Brightman, RI, 50:31; 8. Dave Dunham, MA, 50:54; 9. Eric Darling, 51:06; 10. Jim Boule, NH, 51:40; 11. Daniel Princic, MA, 52:59; 12. Clifford Watson, ME, 53:17.  (20-under): 1. Issac Dana, 56:33. Masters: 1. Kurt Hackler, NH, 47:14; 2. Eli Enman, 47:56; 3. Steve Brightman, RI, 50:31. Seniors: 1. Tim Van Orden, 49:30; 2. Dave Dunham, MA, 50:54; 3. Jim Boule, NH, 51:40. Veterans: 1. Len Hall, NH, 1:05:38; 2. Don Slovenkai, NH, 1:07:11; 3. Mike Gillis, 1:07:44. (70+): 1. Gene Fahey, NH, 1:10:24; 2. Frank Holmes, NH, 1:20:34; 3. Paul Grant, MA, 1:26:53.

Women (Overall): 1. Kassandra Marin, NH, 51:24; 2. Leslie O’Dell, NH, 57:34; 3. Hannah Rieders, MA 59:08; 4. Madeline Rieders, MA, 59:08; 5. Sarah Canney, NH, 59:59; 6. Haley Heinrich, MA, 1:00:07; 7. Liz Chichester, 1:02:21; 8. Kristen Smith, MA, 1:02:49; 9. Emily Rose, ME, 1:04:07; 10. Heidi Davis, 1:04:53; 11. Cheryl Aley, 1:05:01; 12. Liz Lierman, MA, 1:06:04. (20-under): 1. Hannah Rieders, MA, 59:08, 2. Madeline Rieders, MA, 59:08. Masters: 1. Leslie O’Dell, NH, 57:34; 2. Heidi Davis, 1:04:53; 3. Freddi Triback, MA, 1:07:26. Seniors: 1. Cheryl Aley, 1:05:01; 2. Patty Higgins, ME, 1:14:06; 3. Lucinda Bliss, NH, 1:14:42. Veterans: 1. Karen Provencher, NY, 1:14:52; 2. Darby Shaw, 1:30:00; 3. Kathleen Murphy, MA, 1:44:22.


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