Thank you! and Results

Thank you Volunteers who came throughout the week to help clear trails and prepare food as well as for many hours on race day! Thanks Kids for coming to race and try out the kids course. It’s great to get the next generation of mountain racers started! And thank you Racers for coming back after a couple of years away. It was great to see you all today!

Results have been posted on our website’s results page HERE.

We’d love to see your photos, blog posts, etc. Please send those along to We can share links to race reports and photos on our facebook and website.

Sponsors and folks that made cool stuff for us

Thanks Sleepy Hollow Inn, Ski & Bike Center 

Bronwyn at Goats on Hats

Carina at Bivo water bottles

Running Saps Maple


Did we say the snow melted early?

Trails were cleared, arrows were placed, the course was near race ready, then this happened. Photo from Kasie’s ski on the course today. That half buried orange thing in the ground is the sign marking the turn from Butternut Cabin trail onto the first single track. Don’t worry, it will melt before Saturday… into mud!

If anyone lives locally and wants to come help us clear broken branches off the trails come on out!

New Race Course – Rogue One

The snow melted into mud season a little earlier than usual this year. The frost heaves have settled down and the trails are currently a mix of firm and sloppy, trending more toward one or the other depending on the weather. There is even a nice crop of wild onions growing along the upper single track on course – a little something for everyone! 

For returning racers, please note that we have some course changes on order. All the low and high points are the same as in the past, but the course takes you on some new routes along the way:

  • Reroute at the start. As you head into Butternut Cabin Trail, you’ll take a zig zag through the new Butternutter trail.
  • From KOM/Adirondack View high point, you’ll continue past the old turn-off and head down Kasie’s Climb before rejoining the original course to the bottom.
  • On the 2nd sustained climb, you’ll turn off Eli’s Escape just before the top, onto lower Darth Vader, a new-to-SHMR racers pleasant section of single track.
  • Later on, you will leave Darth Vader (avoiding the sketchy cliff bridge!) and instead finish the ascent up Rogue One – a very fun single track with some sections of rock scramble.
  • Final change. On the 3rd loop you’ll take a slightly rerouted way along the single track and will come out a little bit further on Ridge Rd trail, still finishing up on the wide sweeping downhill (and that little rise to the finish…).

Please check out Trailforks for a detailed GPS map: 

There is also lots more info and updated course maps over on our the Course page.

For anyone local, a first round of orange arrows are in place to show you the way. Your will find the first arrow in Molly’s Meadow near the start of Lower Saddle/Butternutter.