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The 2019 race course will be the same as 2016-2018 featuring Darth Vader and the path to the dark side. *There is a slight chance there will be a minor change to the start and/or Liberty Meadow portion of the course depending on snow melt.

SHMR full course map w elevation no date

SHMR start finish detail no date

For those who like to play with GPS links – Here’s a run through of the new course: kenman’s 1:22 h Running Move #SuuntoRun

General course description:

– 6.4mi up and down
– Mix of 3 meter wide mowed trails and single track.
– Mostly wooded, with sections of open field.
– Aid stations with fluids in two locations: 1.) Along Liberty Meadow Trail at the 1.5 mile mark, near the end of Segment 1; 2.) In Molly’s Meadow, at the 4.5 mile mark, by the finish area/end of Segment 2.

-Start: by the pond/gazebo | Finish: Molly’s Meadow

2016 Course Map 2015 Course Maps2014 Course Maps | 2013 Course Maps2012 Course Maps

See general Sleepy Hollow trail maps here:

Sleepy Hollow Ski & Snowshoe Trail Map

Sleepy Hollow Mtn Bike & Running Trail Map

Segment #1: This is the inner “horseshoe” on the right portion of the map, run counter-clockwise.  The starting line is by the pond and gazebo, about a tenth of a mile below the finish line.

Ascent #1: From the starting line.  Key Changes: The new course includes a new section of single track, about ½ mile into the race, and approaches Adirondack View from the opposite side than the original course.  

  • Up to Molly’s Meadow, wide ski trail, 0.1mi, 50ft elevation
  • Left up Butternut Cabin Trail, wide grassy trail, follow for 0.4mi, 230ft elevation
  • *new* At the .5mi mark, turn Left onto a 0.2mi single track section, on Skywalker and X-Wing Trails.  Exit single track just below “muddy corner” on Ichabod’s Revenge Trail.
  • *new* Right into a steep climb up “muddy corner” (reverse direction from previous years), staying Left onto Trois Montagna Trail, all wide grassy trail, 0.1mi, 50ft elevation
  • Arrive at the course’s high point, Adirondack View and the King/Queen of the Mountain Preme (a few feet above the previous KOM).  
  • Total elevation gain for Segment #1 is 393 feet over a total distance of 0.76 miles.

Descent #1:  From the course’s high point, a few strides past Adirondack View.  Key Changes: The top entryway to this descent has changed to a mix of trail similar to the rest of the descent plus a brief section of single track.  

  • *new* Left down a short section of Jason’s Jawdropper, a rugged secondary ski trail, 0.05mi
  • *new* Merge onto the back side of Princess Leia Trail, single track, 0.05mi. This pops you out directly across from where you exited the single track on the way up.
  • Right (connecting into the original course again at this point) onto Ichabod’s Revenge -> Ike Turner -> Tina Turner Trails, all wide ski trails with some rough footing, for 0.45mi at between 10 and 20 degree grade.   
  • From the base of Tina Turner Trail: Right onto Liberty Meadow Trail for another 0.45mi of wide smooth trail, much more gradual – single digit grades with a few flats – descent down to the lowest elevation of the entire course and the end of Segment #1.  
  • Total elevation loss for Segment #1 is 463 feet reaching a total race distance of 1.77 miles.

Segment #2: Outer “horseshoe” on the right portion of the map, run clockwise.  

Ascent #2: From the junction of Liberty Meadow and Eli’s Escape Trails.  Warning: This section of the course features our brand new single track “Darth Vader”.  You may find yourself turning to the dark side.

  • Right up Eli’s Escape Trail, wide grassy trail for 0.38mi and 210ft elevation gain.  
  • *new* Left onto Upper Saddle Trail, 0.5mi rolling *muddy* terrain
  • *new* Right onto Darth Vader, a switchbacking uphill single track.  Stay Right on Balance Beam single track and right again up Oh Mya for the final steep climb to Adirondack View take 2 (paralleling the original course’s first ascent),  0.79mi and 302ft of elevation gain.  
  • Total elevation gain for Segment #2 is 463 feet (plus 49ft elevation that you lose and have to climb again), total race distance of 3.44 miles.

Descent #2: From Adirondack View.  Key Changes in Descent #2: The initial descent from the course’s high point is on single track. You may recognize this as the same section of single track you climbed in previous years to the King of the Mountain Preme, just in reverse.

  • *new* Left onto Princess Leia, a brief technical single track downhill (descending what was the original Segment 1 final ascent), 0.1mi
  • Continue down past Butternut Cabin onto Bishop Trail, wide trail with smooth footing, 1.0mi of rolling descent
  • Arrive at Molly’s Meadow and the Finish Line area.  
  • Total elevation loss for Segment #2 is 308 feet, total race distance of 4.5 miles.

Segment #3: *There are no changes to this part of the course.*  The start of this segment has you circle around the finish line and into a short but steep descent down Levi’s Leap Trail, then left onto Ridge Rd Trail, both wide and grassy trails, for 40 more feet of elevation loss before beginning the course’s 3rd ascent.  This is the left-most loop on the map, run counter-clockwise.

Ascent #3: From the 4.8 mi mark of the course, at the junction of Ridge Rd and Dave’s Dive Trails.

  • Right up Dave’s Dive Trail, slightly narrower grassy trail, 0.1mi, 30ft elevation gain
  • Left for a short, flat stint on Bear Claw Trail
  • Right onto Hans Solo, technical single track. 0.5mi with the first half climbing at an average 28 degree grade, then rolling for the remainder.  
  • Exit single track at outer Ridge Rd Trail.  
  • Total elevation gain for Segment #3 is 255 feet, reached 5.2mi into the course.  Then follow the single track out for another 0.15mi.  

Descent #3: From the junction of Hans Solo and Ridge Rd Trails.

  • Left onto Ridge Rd, wide grassy trail.  After some initial rolling, the trail heads down, eventually double back where you came from, mostly at grades between 5 and 15 degrees, for 237ft drop over 0.8mi.
  • Right onto Levi’s Leap, up a short steep hill, and into the Finish Line.  
  • Total elevation loss for Segment #3 is 255 feet, reached at the 6.2mi mark (don’t you wish this was still a 10k!).  The Finish Line is another 0.2mi horizontally and 30ft vertically up from there.