Fun Awards!

In addition to all the usual suspects, such as “age group” and “first to the finish line”, we have come up with  a few more competitive opportunities:

1.) Our race is on Mother’s Day, therefore a special award will go to the fastest mom of the day.  Go moms!  (Note: Kasie will not be in the running)

2.) Battle of the States: We all know that the Green Mountain State has the best mountain runners in New England.  To provide proof, there will be a new team competition at this year’s race.  The rules are as follows: Top 3 Open M + Open F + Masters M + Masters F from each of the New England States will be combined (based on time) and bragging rights will be awarded.  Until next year… Trash talking encouraged.

3.) King of the Mountain Preme: The first Male and Female to reach the course’s high point at the top of Loop 1, Adirondack View, will win a King of the Mountain prize.  *You must finish the race.