Missed Registering?

Update: Thanks to all who entered the lottery. The lottery closed 4/15/18. We will be sending an email notification to everyone who registered in the lottery by the end of the day Monday 4/16/18. 

We have heard from lots of hopeful runners in the past two days. If we could let all of you come out for our race we would. We have to work within the constraints of our dirt road and parking area during mud season in Vermont – that is why our max number of participants is set at 250.

That said, we recognize it was a surprise to many of you, and to us, that our registration reached its cap an unprecedented month out from race day. We also recognize that this all came about on short notice on a holiday.

We do have a little bit of wiggle room, knowing that there are always some registered runners who aren’t able to make it out on race day. So, the most fair solution we have come up with is to create a lottery. Anyone hoping to still get in can sign up for one last chance.

Lottery Directions:

  1. To enter the lottery fill out this form by 11:59pm April 15th. No payment required for this step.
  2. On April 16th, we will draw 10 names from the lottery list. We will send an email notification to all lottery entrants with the results. If you are one of the lucky 10, you will receive official registration instructions. Race registration fee for lottery registrants will be $30.

We will have a box on the lottery registration for anyone who is a past USATF-NE Mountain Goat and for anyone who is a Sleepy Hollow Streaker, having done all 6 of our past races. People who meet one of these conditions will get one bonus entry in the lottery. People who meet both of these conditions will receive two bonus entries in the lottery.

Not sure if you need to enter the lottery or not? Check for your name on our 2018 Sleepy Hollow Mtn Race pre-registered runner list.