Course Conditions – Updated

UPDATED Thursday 4/18: The ground is softening. The first climb up Butternut Cabin Trail is looking to rival the mud pit conditions of 2014. The frost has still not worked it’s way out of the ground entirely, so there is potential for creating sink holes with your feet on the ski trail sections of the course. This can largely be avoided by staying on the edges of the trail where there is more sure footing. There are currently three sections of course (Liberty Meadow Trail, lower Tina Turner, and bits of Molly’s Meadow) that are holding onto a crust of snow, but it is possible to run on and around. The single track and southern-facing exposed sections of trail are in the best shape, and provide some respite from the slop. With temps in the upper 60s and forecasted rain, expect foot sucking mud. Tie those shoe laces tight!

Photos from some morning course marking/fun running on Wednesday 4/17. Some green, some snow, some sink holes. The forecast calls for more mud. [Top left, Eli Enman struggling to make it through his 42nd birthday – Happy Birthday old man!]