Course Details

With the snow melted, we’ve be able to get back out on the course and put together some maps and a photo tour for those of you wondering what you’re getting yourself in for! It’s a real fun route that we’re looking forward to sharing with everyone on race day. You’ll run on some open alpine ski slope, a lot of wooded single track, with plenty of climbing, descending, and – I expect – some mud!

Course Details: The ~7 mile course starts and finishes at the base of Cochran’s alpine trails. Runners will complete a long loop (~5mi) plus a short loop (~2mi). Both loops start with a climb up the alpine ski trail, then enter forested single track the rest of the way along some top terrain and for the descent back down to the base area. The first loop goes deeper into the woods, continuing to climb on single track to the high-point of the course then winding down to the base. The second time around, runners take a shortcut just above the top of the alpine slope, linking back into the same trail that brings you down to the base for the finish.

Race Course by Trail Names: (we thought this might be useful for folks that know Cochran’s well)
First Lap- Race Trail, Jimmy Cliff, IPT, Ravine Trail
Second Lap- Race Trail, A-Day, Ravine Trail

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