Mud Season Watch: Road Condition Alert

While we know you are all prepared to race in the mud and slop, we do want you to be forewarned of the road situation so you can plan accordingly.  Please read.

Important Notice:  While we are doing all kinds of sun & wind dances here, mud season is still underway in Huntington.  Sherman Hollow Road and the Sleepy Hollow driveway are both unpaved, dirt roads.  The frost heaves are still heaving under these roads and it has been relentlessly raining leading to soft road surfaces, deep ruts, and large surface irregularities.  There is a risk of bottoming out along portions of these two roads.  4-wheel drive cars and cars with a greater clearance are recommended.  Some parking may need to be relocated to the area down at the base of the Sleepy Hollow entrance so please keep in mind that a little extra time to walk up from your parking space (up to a 1/2 mile) may be necessary.  The best way to help this situation is to have as few cars as necessary.  Please carpool!

5 Ways to Carpool to Sleepy Hollow 

1. From home – Fill up your car with people before leaving home.  Link to pre-registered runners.

2. Richmond Park & Ride (coming from Interstate 89) – On Route 2 at Exit 11.  Link to all Vermont Park & Rides

3. Hinesburg Park & Ride (coming from NY State) – On Charlotte Rd behind the Hinesburg Town Hall. Follow the signs from Route 116 to the lot adjacent to the soccer field.

4. Audubon Parking Lot – Along Richmond-Huntington Main Rd just before reaching Sherman Hollow Rd.  A second, smaller lot is also at 255 Sherman Hollow Rd.

5. Sunday long run?  Park somewhere fun and go for a warm-up adventure! 😉

On the Sleepy Hollow driveway last month.
On the Sleepy Hollow driveway last month.